• origami table


  • process overview

    process overview

  • ideation sketches


  • rendering origami table

    rendering of origami table

  • rendering origami table

    rendering of origami table

The Origami Table is designed for the design contest Glass House Collection '13. The challenge was to design a piece of furniture or interior design product using flat glass as the main material.

My concept was selected for the top 40 concepts out of the 416 entries. The top 40 concepts were displayed during the Milan Design Week 2013.

The design of the Origami Table is inspired by the origami paper folding art style. I compared a piece of flat glass with a piece of paper to come to new and innovative ideas. I tried to translate the origami style of paper into a table design made out of flat pieces of glass. With the help of ideation sketches I came to the final shape and design of the table. The final 3D model is made with Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot 4.

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