• Tea Machine

    Tea Machine

  • Tea making process

    Tea making process

  • Ideation sketches

    Ideation sketches

  • How it works

    How it works

  • Scenario render

    Scenario render

I designed the Tea Machine for the project Team Up at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. For this project I received a design objective from the Danish design company Tools Design. The objective was to design a tea accessory for young people that incorporates something "smart".

I started this project by doing research into the process of making a cup of tea, its relation to different cultures and I conducted a small survey among young people. I decided to put the focus on the usage of tea leaves and how to prepare these properly. After the idea generation I came up with a tea machine that would help the user to guide through the process of making one perfect cup of tea. The machine makes it possible to manually adjust the water temperature and the infusing time according to the type of tea leaves. The design of the Tea Machine is inspired by the design of Vespa scooter from the sixties.

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