• Ball tower

    Ball tower

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    Market research

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    Ideation sketches

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    How it works

  • User testing

    User testing

I designed the Ball tower for the project "Stimulation of children's motor development" at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The objective was to design a toy, tool, cart, etc. for children with age from 3 to 10 year old that helps and stimulate their motor development.

I started with observations of children and their behaviour regarding their motor development. I also looked into the market and the available toys/products in this area. I made the decision to focus on the gross motor skills and social skills of children from the age 3 to 6. After the ideation phase I chose one concept to develop further. The toy is a modular tower with each unit its own colour and matching balls. The children can spread the balls through the room by lifting a ring. The children need to put the balls back in the right compartment and need to manoeuvre themselves in different positions that stimulate their motor development and cooperate together. I tested this concept and the children had fun playing with the Ball tower and understood the concept.

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