• air flow

    air flow

  • ideation sketches

    ideation sketches

  • rendering of air flow

    rendering of air flow

  • model building process

    model building process

  • final model

    final model

The Air Flow is designed for a design contest. The challenge was to design an attractive object that can be placed on one of the Mini Design Rides during the Dutch Design Week 2011.

My concept was chosen as the best design of the contest. The final model of the concept was realized by myself and was visible during the Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven.

The object is an abstract form of an air flow as I see it. So when the car is driving, the wind can go through the circles. I started this project by developing ideas that involve the wind when the car is driving around. I created a 3D model and renderings to present my concept. I build the final model myself which was used for one week during the event.

A movie on YouTube with the Air Flow riding around can be found on online: Go to YouTube

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