• ceramic heater

    ceramic heater

  • ideation sketches

    ideation sketches

  • rendering of ceramic heater

    rendering of ceramic heater

  • scenario scene

    scenario scene

  • scenario scene

    scenario scene

The Ceramic Heater is designed for a design contest.The challenge was to design a new heat source that involves ceramic material.

My concept was awarded with the first place of the contest.

The concept is inspired by a classic radiator. With the help of ideation sketches the final shape was defined. The final concept was modeled in Rhinoceros and rendered with Vray.

The Ceramic Heater can be placed on the floor with the help of the wooden base or mounted to a wall, like a flatscreen TV, as can be seen in the scenario renderings. A turning knob on the side of the product can control the temperature. The heat will come through the ventilation raster on top and through a hole in the bottom. A red glow will indicate that the heat is coming through.

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