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    knappe kop

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    rendering of knappe kop

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    final product

The Knappe Kop is designed for Knappe Koppen SC. The design objective was to design and visualize a cup with the handle of the cup integrated. Knappe Koppen SC took the design to a manufacturer who developed it further and produced the final product.

I started with sketching several ideas for cups with an integrated handle. Together with Knappe Koppen SC we chose one idea and I created a model of it in Solidworks. A manufacturer developed the concept further for production.

The unique about this concept, in comparison to the other cups, is that it has the handle integrated in the body of the cup. This makes the cup really easy to order them next to each other in your cupboard. The cup is presented as a design cup that will be available for a reasonable price.

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