• Vase-bottle design

    Vase-Bottle design rendering

  • Radio design

    Radio design rendering

  • Radio design detai

    Radio design detail rendering

I designed multiple concepts for the 4711 design contest. The challenge was to design an object that fits the 4711 brand.

Two of my entries were chosen as design of the week during the competition.

The vase and bottle design is designed with the intention to use as a vase for flowers, but the same design could be used for a bottle with the fragrance of 4711. The glass is colored in the same color as the logo of 4711 and the numbers are visible in the design of the bottle.

The radio is inspired by an old fashioned radio of the earlier days. The radio is more nowadays with touchscreen buttons, USB, SD slot and auxiliary connection. The logo of 4711 is clearly visible on the speaker of the radio.

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