• Concept sketch

    Concept sketch

  • Ideation sketches

    Ideation sketches

  • Analysis of simplicity

    Analysis of simplicity

  • Exploded view

    Exploded view

I designed this Bicycle light as part of my bachelor thesis project at the University of Technology in Delft. I created my own design challenge to express simplicity and an green image in a bicycle light for a bike.

I wanted to put the focus of this project on the aesthetics and shape of the design of a bicycle light. I did research into what could be defined as simplicity and green and how this can be expressed in the aesthetics of a design. I designed this bicycle light for one specific bike, the Trek District. I tried to continue the shape of the frame into the lamp to get one continues shape. I used a bio composite material for the casing of the lamp, because the texture can be linked to a green image.

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